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I see photography as an infinite riddle, a mode of representation that is compressed but ripe with meaning. What is central is the act of transformation, the creation of something mysterious and uncanny from an engagement with the world. That transformation is formal and emotional, expressive and just beyond words: magic. Guy Davenport says that he writes for “people who like to read, to look at pictures, and to know things.” Just so. They’re my audience, too. I would say that my pictures are visual poems, or moments of felt presence that propose an emotional, not-quite-expressible truth about the contingency of things.

I received my MFA in photography from the University of Illinois in Chicago in 1982. I studied with Nathan Lerner, Barbara Crane, Robert Stiegler, Joseph Jachna, and the photographic historian Peter Hales. Visual problems kept me from shooting between the mid-80s and 2012, when new surgical techniques restored my sight in one eye. Now I am back at work and have exhibited in solo, duo, and group shows with other photographers and painters in the Washington DC area. My photographs also have appeared in galleries and museums around the world and in the book, Second Sight: An Aesthetic, Technical, and Historical Exploration of Infrared Photography. Pictures from my new portfolio TheĀ Edge of VisionĀ were shown at Review Santa Fe in October 2017 and were featured in the Washington Post in November 2017. I am a member of Studio Gallery in Washington, DC.

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  1. christine keunen

    I have just looked at some of your pictures and read your descriptions.
    You appear to be as equally a good writer as photographer.
    I find your work , wonderful, as are your descriptions.
    My husband was also an exceptional photographer, so it is an informed opinion.
    The art is excellent but your ability to catch the meaning in a thing gives it heart as well.
    Looking forward to see ing your exhibition.
    Thanks for such creativity.
    Chris Keunen


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